Michelle Duong


A native of Brooklyn, NY, Michelle Duong was constantly surrounded by diverse cultures and dance styles. Her interest for dance began when she first learned choreography on her junior high school’s dance team. Through the team, she had the opportunity to showcase for Dancewave in Brooklyn and discovered a love for performance. It wasn’t until she began competing and performing at the collegiate level at Stony Brook University that Michelle realized dance was more than just an after school hobby. She has danced with Deja Vu Dance Troupe, PUSO Modern, PUSO Ballroom, and ViXEN. She was most actively involved in PUSO Modern and in her 3.5 years with the team, not only did Michelle find a family of creative movers and passionate individuals, she had the opportunity to choreograph some dancehall-inspired pieces, something she never thought was possible.

After graduation, she was entirely dedicated to her career as a Mechanical Engineer at Jaros, Baum & Bolles.Despite the demand of the construction industry, she knew that her passion for dance was still prominent. She was eager to continue growing with others as she pursued another exciting challenge, joining EPIC Motion Dance Company. She’s a strong believer in always grinding and doing what she loves, despite the obstacles, or maybe it’s the FOMO – the fear of missing on new adventures.