Michelle Duong


Michelle started her dance journey with her junior high school dance team in Brooklyn, where she first learned choreography and performed for a showcase hosted by Dancewave. Her style integrated street hip hop dancing with introductory ballet and contemporary. She went on to competing and showcasing at the collegiate level at Stony Brook University, dancing with Deja Vu Dance Troupe, PUSO Modern, PUSO Ballroom, and ViXEN. There, she has expanded to urban choreography and Latin ballroom dance styles.

Since college, Michelle has remained active with her PUSO Modern dance family through various projects and most recently, ModFam. As a full-time engineer at Jaros, Baum & Bolles, she finds a creative escape dancing with EPIC Motion, returning for her second year. The company has pushed her beyond her comfort level, challenging her in various dance styles and unique performances, all while balancing work, friends, and family.