Dazil Aquino

Born and raised in Queens NY, Dazil was exposed to a diverse spectrum of music and cultures throughout his upbringing. In the late 90s and early 00s, Hip-Hop‘s influence on Dazil became more pronounced as he attended schools in the Jamaica area of Queens. Fitting in meant reciting all the bars of the hottest rap song out at the time; and if there was a dance to it, he most definitely had to know it. A few years later, around the time of America’s Best Dance Crew, Dazil started learning other styles of Hip-Hop dance via YouTube. Upon entering college, Dazil joined the dance collegiate dance team PUSO Modern. This was when he started to take dance and choreography a little more seriously. Dance started to become more than a tool to fit in and make friends; it eventually turned into a passion. After a 3 year hiatus from dance after college, Dazil eventually joined Project D Dance Company for a half season, and Piel Canela’s Salsa training team. Today he is currently an active member of 2sdays and Epic Motion dance company.