Introducing the NEW EPIC Motion

By epicmotion | January, 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Since its founding, EPIC Motion has placed and won several east coast hip-hop dance competitions, most recently awarded 2nd place at Pride 5 Dance Competition with our Fall 2012 set. As a growing company, we continue to seek ways in which we can give opportunities to dancers of the New York community.

As we enter the Spring 2013 season, we are excited to announce a huge change. Rather than focusing on developing a competition set, EPIC will focus on individual training and growth as dancers, choreographers, and leaders. Our goals this season are to perform at venues and events in New York City and ultimately host our own professional quality showcase. Thus, although EPIC Motion will not be a competing company next season, we hope this change will give us the freedom to reach a new level.

Follow this blog to stay updated on our journey and any news we may have this season including our upcoming auditions, performances, and more.