EPIC Motion Reunion Picnic: Past Meets Present

By Charisse Anne | September, 17, 2014 | 0 comments


Just before summer kicked off, EPIC Motion brought together our alumni and current company members for a picnic in Central Park. It was a spring day full of nostalgia, hugs, chips, one football, two Aarons dancing to Beyoncé, and unnecessary pollen in the air—enough to make Betsy leave early.

Ever since I joined EPIC Motion in 2009, I have always felt a great joy from reconnecting with the generations of dancers that have been a part of this company. There’s something to be said about the bond created when you spend three days per week in the studio sweating it out with a group of 25+ twenty-somethings for months on end and experience the ecstasy of performing on stage together. One thing I love about EPIC Motion has always been the people. Every season my heart breaks a little when people move on (cue “Graduation” by Vitamin C), but it reminds me to remember to enjoy these experiences in the moment—it doesn’t last forever!

Check out some of the moments from the picnic I caught on film below!






Fun Fact: There have been over 125 dancers in EPIC Motion Dance Company since it was founded in 2008.